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Purvis Marquee Hire Ltd Status
Purvis Marquee Hire Ltd
Committed Since: January 2024
Newbridge, Edinburgh, City Of, United Kingdom

Total Points Earned

5 points
Community & Society
12 points
Workplace & Culture
67 points
62 points
Consumption & Waste
104 points
Water Use
0 points
Energy & Emissions
62 points
Work from Home
238 points
99 points
January 2024
Change is in the air, and it\'s GREEN!

As a business that operates in the outdoors, we recognise how we are a part of looking after our surroundings, people, and communities. Over the years we have worked hard to improve our mindset when it comes to sustainability. However small it is, it is something! We have managed to increase our recycling program to cover more of our site operations and our working-at-home responsibilities, along with solar panels being installed at both of our manager\'s homes and an electric car to get to work. We are now aiming towards a plan to offset our emissions.

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