Committed Since: June 2022
122 Rosemary Rd, Dedham, Massachusetts 02026, United States
Synterex is a woman-owned, disability-owned clinical and regulatory consulting firm committed to helping clients deliver important new therapies to patients in both an expedient and environmentally conscious manner. As a fully remote team, we strive to maximize the sustainability of the organization by improving energy efficiency, reducing waste, and working to enhance the social and environmental wellbeing of our local communities.
Minimize Our Digital Carbon Footprint
Although Synterex has drastically reduced our paper waste by adopting a fully virtual workspace, we are aware that every document has a carbon footprint. We are working to minimize our digital carbon footprint by assessing employee energy usage and modifying our digital habits to minimize energy-consuming data storage and processing.
Reduce Waste
As a fully remote business, our “office building” is a conglomeration of dozens of employee home offices across the US. When Synterex employees make choices that reduce waste in their homes, this boosts the company’s overall sustainability. We will be implementing programs that reward employees for taking steps to reduce household waste such as recycling, composting, buying homewares secondhand, and replacing single-use plastics with reusable alternatives.
Giving Back to Our Communities
Synterex has made outreach an integral part of our business operations by partnering with organizations doing good in the community. We aim to expand our partnerships to include environment-focused charities and non-profits. We are also organizing company-wide volunteering days to empower employees to give back to their communities through local environmental initiatives.