Shepherd's Spring Outdoor Ministry Center
Committed Since: February 2023
16869 Taylor's Landing Road, Sharpsburg, Maryland 21782, United States
Shepherd's Spring aims to showcase the past by restoring and conserving historic natural beauty, while leading minds to nurture the future through intentional action.
Facility Compost Initiative
Shepherd's Spring commits to reducing overall food waste by making a compost option available to 100% of visiting groups in 2024. Begins February 2024.
Paperless Summer Camp Registration
Shepherd's Spring commits to fully paperless summer camp registration.
Low Energy Use
Shepherd's Spring continues to commit to limiting energy use anywhere possible. Our goal is to finish converting all standard bulbs to efficient LED systems. We also commit to keeping heating and cooling temperatures within limited ranges during peak hours and seasons.
Water Conservation/River Protection Initiative
Shepherd's Spring commits to maintaining low-flow showers, sinks, and toilets. We will upgrade all urinals to low-flow systems as well. We commit to maintaining a low percentage of impervious surface on the grounds, as well as continued commitment to our standard conservation easement which limits construction and timber-felling, while requiring cultivation of native species and removal of invasive species.