Demonstrate and Promote your Commitment to Sustainability with the Green Business Benchmark Badge

Green Business Benchmark (GBB) offers the most recognized and trusted online green business certification program available for companies seeking to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable business practices. GBB’s program is based on the concept that good business and green business go hand-in-hand, with a focus on initiatives that save money and deliver a significant return on investment.

GBB Benefits

Demonstrate You Care & Validate Your Sustainability Efforts

GBB’s simple yet comprehensive self-paced assessment and certification application credits your business for the efforts you’ve already made.

Improve Efficiency, Create Impact & Drive Higher Profit

GBB’s tools provide over 500+ self-guided sustainability initiatives to help your business build a sustainability plan and create measurable impact regardless of where you are in your journey.

Promote Your Sustainability Efforts to Attract Customers & Employees

The GBB badge allows you to promote your achievements to the world and showcase your impact.

GBB Certificate

GBB’s unique and easy-to-implement Badge dynamically shares your certification status and links to your company’s GBB public profile to ensure your sustainability commitments and accomplishments are demonstrated clearly and credibly for prospects, customers, and employees to see.

KCL Partners with Green Business Benchmark

Get Green Business Benchmark Certified!

KCL is the first Official Partner of the Green Business Benchmark in Korea and Pacific Rim Asia and is granted authority to conduct GBB certification audits to Gold and Platinum-certified customers.

Sign up now and get started with your sustainability journey.

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